The reporting functionality within your CYS portal is a powerful tool to create and design your own branded dashboards and publish them to the right stakeholders, making insights available 24/7 on all devices. Including results and business KPIs from other data sources. A short summary of the amazing options that our reporting offers:

Customizable dashboards

Customize results for individuals or departments with personalized dashboards, so everyone receives exactly the insights that help them in their work. Accessible online or in the mobile app.

Dashboard branding

Give your dashboards your own look & feel by choosing predefined color schemes or add your own corporate colors and visuals.  

Target group focussed

Our versatile filtering options make it easy for you to give every stakeholder and every organization layer access to the insights that are relevant for them only. Account based filters even make it possible to select personal filters for specific user accounts.

Flexible periods

Choose your own reporting year and interval that you want to use in reporting, to avoid any discrepancy with the rest of the organization.

Pre-set KPI’s and calculations

Choose from numerous pre-set KPI’s and calculations (sum, count, average, NPS, CSAT, etc.) that you allow in reporting.

And that’s not even all! You actually need to experience it to believe it. Read more about all the options or just jump in and get started.