This article is about the Management tab which can be found as the last tab in the left hand side of the Main menu. Under The Management tab, you will find the sub tabs for Users & Groups, Portal, Media Library and Blog publisher. 



Please note: you might not see all of the functionalities described in this article, since access is depending on the user role of your account. 

Users & Groups

You can manage the list of users added to your portal. The user list gives you a total overview of all accounts with all the details added, like the email, status, type, Group, last login and applied roles. 


Through the tabs at the top of the user management section, you will be able to view the groups and roles, any characteristic forms and the support users added to your portal. You can read more about the different functionalities in our User management articles. 


Under the Portal tab you find all the settings to manage your portal. General items such as Portal name, look & feel settings to give a branded look to your portal, but you can also activate or deactivate specific reporting options.  


You can read more about the different settings in our Portal management articles. 

Media library

All images and other media files that you use throughout the portal, or that you collect in your projects, can be managed and stored in your media library. CYS can also provide you with a basic set of icons when you start your portal.


You can read more about the ins and outs in our Media Library articles. 

Blog publisher

A great way to reach all the users within your portal with news or other important information is the Blog publisher. This functionality allows you to easily add, design and publish a blog message, that after publishing will automatically be available for all users in your account, within their Experience app. The most recent items are placed at the top and users get a notification when a new blog is published, so they don't miss important updates. 

You can read more about how to use this functionality in our Blog articles.