Welcome to the Data Collection.

In this section of your main menu, you will find an overview of your projects. Your projects can be divided into three types: Customer feedback, Business and Employee feedback.  This is the part where you can build, edit and manage your questionnaires and schedulers or planners. In other words, in this section you can determine in what way and when your data is gathered and who will be able to provide you with that data.

Customer Feedback is where you can create research projects that have their emphasis on customer research: What do others think of my organization. You can think for example of NPS, CES or CSAT research. You can make an investigation of the overall Customer Experience in terms of expectations, preferences and experience. This is an efficient way to discover what your customer appreciates, what your customer misses and what your customer wants.

In the Business category, you can create your audits, forms and checklists. This type of research is typically used when performing checks on policy and quality control within your company, often illustrated by using images and having a pretty and dynamic checklist. Use of paper is no longer necessary, since these audits can be performed via an app on your mobile phone or tablet.

Accessing the Employee Feedback part, you can use your research to measure the amount of engagement and the energy level within your company by asking your employees about their experience. By making use of Employee Feedback, you are able to form a complete picture of what you employees think about and experience your organizational culture.