This article will cover the Dashboards tab in your Mobile App.

When accessing your environment via the Mobile App, you will find the dashboard tab access button at the bottom of the screen as the third button (counted from the right). Clicking this button will open up all available dashboards to you.

If you choose to open a dashboard the layout will be adjusted to fit your mobile screen, but still contain the same options as the Dashboards presented to you in the Experience App.

Right underneath the title you will find the date range areas to change the date from the most actual period to fit your needs.

The year and period group settings are displayed, but set by your manager and cannot be changed by you.

Next you will find a filter button, (if provided to you by your manager) with which the data is filtered to fit your relevance. In some cases you have been granted access to set your own filters. In this case you can click the filter button to select/unselect the filter options. If you wish to completely reset the filter, you can also do so by pretting the corresponding button.

In most cases, a dashboard has been divided into different tabs. To fit the screen of your device, we created a dropdown menu with which you can access the different tabs with reporting widgets.

Now you have all research data in the palm of your hand!