The simple tile section contain a large variety of tile widgets that are designed to quickly present the most important information. There are different categories available: 

Numeric tile with trend indicator

This widget can be best used for reporting of numeric values and scores. these widgets do not use a scale and are therefore useful for reporting results without a min/max scale. They focus specifically on presenting a trend (growth or decline in comparison to previous periods.) Some examples:

Scoring widget

This widget can be used for reporting of KPI’s, scores and other numeric calculations. It uses a round bar or a fill to indicate the % of the numeric value in comparison to the chosen scale.

Period compares

These widgets compare the score of the current period with the score of previous periods. The bar or graph uses a fill to demonstrate the actual value in comparison to the maximum scale. The top widgets show a trend indicator with the increase or decrease of the score in addition.

Year-to-date (YTD) and Month-to-date (MTD) widgets

These widgets present your data specifically for either YTD or MTD. Instead of presenting the actual period they show the average score over the entire year (or month) up until the current date. If you use an alternative year setting, such as April-March, the YTD widget will automatically adjust to this year setting and present your data accordingly. You can choose to present a YTD and MTD separately, but there are also widget options that combine them into one overview.

You can find all these variations of the tile widgets in your dashboard under Normal widgets > Simple Tile.