When asking for feedback you are opening up a conversation with your stakeholders such as customers, employees or suppliers. Presenting the average scores and trend developments in your dashboard are important, but the power of storytelling to present the context is vital. 

The conversation widget is an great way to present the results from an individual respondent in a fun and understandable manner. It is presented as if you are texting with your respondent, and you can click through the 100 most recent records of the period that you have selected. Some examples:

One of the amazing features of the conversation widget is that it is also able to present media files. For example, your auditor has added pictures, videos, scanned documents or audio files in the questionnaire to support his findings. You can view them within the conversation widget, as if he texted them to you. Now you can see the media presented next to the question it concerns for a better understanding of the situation!


By adding filters you can have your widget only present records from a specific selection, or based on a questionnaire criteria. For example a selection based on how happy your customers are:

You can find the conversation widget in your dashboard under Normal Widgets > Specials > Conversation widget.