Even through the options are endless for visualizing your data, sometimes you just want to create an overview of your data in a simple and clear table view that is easy to export as well. We get that. Which is why we have added the data grid widget.

You can select the columns of your data set that you want to include and you can modify the column headers for easy reference. It is also possible to add a filter, so your dashboard users can only see a selection of the data set. The widget then presents the users with a table view of the data that contains some amazing user functionalities as well. 

With the columns that you allow in your settings, the dashboard users can:

- Show or hide the columns they want to see

- Sort the columns

- Filter the columns

- Group the results (like in a pivot table)

- Export to Excel

- Export to PDF

- Switch between the answer labels or answer codes

This way you can give them access to the data that is relevant for them to work with, without having to give access to the entire data set.

You can find the data grid in your dashboard under Normal widgets > Specials > Data grid.