Research in itself will give invaluable insights. But it will become so much more if you can immediately apply improvements within your organization based on the results coming in. The follow-up widget will allow you to do just that: the ability to automatically create tasks based upon criteria that you set yourself, and registering the follow-up that is given to the task. 

Instead of needing a separate task management system, it can be managed directly within your reporting environment. The correct employees automatically get the tasks in their name, and it is possible to set a priority, the status of the task, an owner, due date or even add notes. And all this information is added to your project database, on the record it concerns.

An unsatisfied customer with a complaint? Or did your auditor notice that there is maintenance needed for a specific location? Take action now with the Follow-up Tasks widget!

You can find the Follow-up Task widget in your dashboard under the Normal widget > Specials > Follow-up Tasks.