When analyzing your data and setting up your dashboard you will probably want to group specific widgets together to avoid presenting to much data in a single page. Adding multiple tabs to your dashboard that your users can browse through makes it easier to understand the data that you are looking at. 

The tabs are presented at the top of the dashboard page and work the same way as your browser tabs. 

Adding tabs to your dashboard is as easy as adding a widget:

Click the plus icon, choose Normal widgets, select the General section on the left side, and swipe right until you see the Tabs option, and confirm with the Select this button.

A first tab is now added to the top of your dashboard called Tab1. You can edit the name by double clicking on the tab name and typing in a new one. 

Behind the first tab is a plus icon. By clicking it you can quickly add additional tabs. Please keep in mind you are able to add up to a maximum of 10 tabs in your dashboard.

You can now divide your dashboard in different subjects and group your widgets accordingly for easy reference!