If you want to know what you can expect from the Experience app, we have created a short introduction video that demonstrates the basic features. The video covers the following functionalities:

- Project & planning; a data collection tool where you can fill out questionnaires according to a schedule and quota.

- Forms & Checklists; a data collection tool where questionnaires are available at all times for your convenience.

- Blog; a blog section where you can read up on any news.

- Dashboard; a list with dashboards that are published to you to provide you with valuable insights in your companies data.

Please note: it is possible that you do not see all of the menu-items in your experience app. This means that your administrator has deactivated some items that are currently not in use to keep a clear overview.

Let's have a look!

Want to know more about specific functionalities. Please check our detailed articles on the Experience app.