Please follow the steps below to delete the record of the data subject who request for their data deletion.


There are two places in the data garden where the data is stored.

  1. Import 
  2. Database


Import data:

Step1: Select the button “Edit Import” on the import source. 


You will see the Import details and click on the tab “Data view”.


Search for the correct record by a reference, for example Email or Name. Each column in your importslot has the option to filter to make searching easy. 


You select the record that you would like to delete by clicking on the checkbox in the first column. After that, click on the button Actions in the top right corner and click on the option “Delete”. Confirm the action with Ok.


The selected record is now deleted from your import slot.



As a safety measure, you are not able to completely delete records from your data garden. But you are able to delete certain values within a record, such as the personal data. This is done with the “Event based rules” in the data garden. 

Step1: Select the button” Edit Database” for the project that contains the data you want to remove.  

Step2:  You will now see the Database details. Click on the tab “Data view” and look up the correct record by means of a reference such as the email ID or name. Each column in your project has a filtering option for easy searching. When you find the record, copy the SYS_RESPONDENTID of that record. This reference is the safest way to execute the rule since this is always unique.  

Step3: Select the tab “Rules”, and click on the section “Event based”. Press “Add rule” in the top right corner to create a new rule.

Step 4: Fill out the rule details:

  • Enter a name.
  • Event type should be “One time only”
  • Set the condition “sys_RespondentID” IS (fill out the copied ID from step 2)
  • Set the action “Create or change database value” and select a column that contains personal data. In the textbox area fill out NULL as a value. By entering NULL, the contents of that column is removed for this record. 
  • Repeat the action for each column that contains personal data. 

Once the rule is setup, click save at the top right corner of the rule overview to save it.

Step 5: Go back to the rules overview. You will now see that the rule is still deactivated. Click the switch button in front of the name to activate the rule. After activation the rule will be executed within 5 minutes.

Step 6: Once the rule is executed, the rule will automatically be deactivated. This will be visible after you refresh your screen. You can double check in the data view if all necessary personal data is removed.