In this article we will provide you with a variety of templates you can use in your questionnaire.

When you create a questionnaire, there are four types of information pages automatically created for you. These so-called system pages are required for your questionnaire to function correctly. 

You also have the option to add general information pages to your questionnaire. These can be used to explain certain parts of your questionnaire or share any type of information you want to with your respondents.

By default, these pages are empty. You can design them to your liking and add any text or image you want and even add video or audio.

To help you on the way with your creativity, CYS provides you with several basic templates which can be easily implemented into your questionnaire. 

To get you started, the following templates are available:

  • Start page
  • End page
  • Completed page
  • Time elapsed page
  • Embedded video page
  • Embedded YouTube video page
  • Embedded audio page
  • Review / Social Media page (2x)
  • Summary page