This article will show you how to setup SMS invites. This is a new functionality within the CYS software that allows you to send pesonal email invitations to a telephone number.

Setting up your SMS invite, is basically the same as setting up a personal invitation scheduler. To help you to understand the personal invitation (via e-mail), please click on this link:

To use this functionality, you need to make sure that you have an account with a SMS provider. This means that for it to work, your sender e-mail (the one from your scheduler) needs to be connected with your SMS provider.

At the top you can start with the sender name and sender email:

The next step is setting up the Reply email.

If a recipient of the invite email chooses to reply to the sms, the reply will be redirected to the e-mail address that you fill out here.

You can assign email addresses from an imported file in your data garden by using the Fieldpicker button and selecting the column of your data garden that contains the telephone numbers of the clients you wish to reach.

Next up is the subject line.

Please keep in mind that the content of the subject should not be too long, otherwise the entire sentence will not appear in the SMS view of the telephone.

You can already turn the SMS button on

The body of the email is already filled with a plain text template. In this case, is not possible to use a HTML customized template. As shown in the example below, you need to write a small text and add the fieldpicker of the column: sys_personalLink. This fieldpicker will appear to the respondent as the link (s)he needs to click to gain access to the questionnaire.

After having followed these steps, please save your progress. Your scheduler settings are now ready to send SMS messages to the phonenumbers that will be imported in your file.