This article explains how to change the look and feel of your questionnaire in the respondentview.

The first chapter explains how to navigate to the settings. The following chapters will explain how to change the look and feel of your questionnaire to match it to your corporate identity. You can change the colors, background, fonts, header and contact details. You can follow the steps to change each detail to your preference.

Table of contents:


Go to Template page to change the look & feel settings by following these steps.

Step 1: Go to your project page under the data collection tab.

Step 2: Click on the questionnaire button to open your questionnaire.

Step 3: Click on the Template tab to open the settings.

Changing the primary, secondary and highlighting color

Changing your primary, secondary and highlight color.

Step 1: Click on the color to open the color popup next to Primary color.

Step 2: Use the color slider to slide to your preferred color.

Step 3: Pick the color variation or fill in a hex color you prefer.

Step 4: Click anywhere next to the popup your color is now set.

Step 5: Click on update to save your color.

Step 6: Repeat for the Secondary and Highlight color.

Step 7: Click on update to save all settings.

Chapter three changing your background settings

Setup your background settings

Step 1: Choosing a background image which you have uploaded from the media library

Step 2: Click on the background color to open the color popup and select a background color
Step 3: Slide the opacity slider for your opacity setting

Step 4: Choose logo 1 from the media library

Step 5: Choose logo 2 from the media library

Setup your text settings

Choosing your fonts, size and color for the question, answer and description texts.

Step 1: Choose your font type
Step 2: Choose your font size
Step 3: Click on the color and use the color picker to select your color

Repeat the steps for all texts

Setup your header

Setup your header details you can either switch it on or off.
Type in a name to display your header name in the browser tab when your questionnaire is opened 


Setup your contact details

Setup your contact contact details so a respondent can contact you.

Your contact number and email address will be displayed in the right lower corner of your questionnaire.