Occasionally, a standard reminder email is not sufficient.

The respondent may want to receive the invitation again because he / she can no longer find it in their inbox, or something needs to be revised. In those cases, it can be useful to resend an invitation to a respondent

Table of contents:

Advantages for resending (reminder) email invitations

So if you need to send a new invitation to a respondent, why not include him/her again into a new importfile? Well, the downside of this is that by entering this respondent to your importslot again, it will be treated as a new record in your database, which affects your response percentage in a negative way.

By resending the invitation email of an existing respondent, the number of records remains the same.

For more information on completed percentages, please check out this article

Actions and steps to take

Please follow the steps below to resend a (reminder) email

  • Under the menu option "Data Collection", please look for the relevant projct and open its email scheduler
  • Go to the respondent view tab of the scheduler
  • In this overview of records, look up the respondent that should receive a new email invitation and mark the checkbox preceeding this record
  • Click the "actions" button in the top right corner and choose "resend"

Resending an email invitation vs resending a reminder

When you wish to resend an email invitation and you proceed with executing the steps as described above, what happens is that the sys_Emailsenddate column will be emptied, therefore allowing the scheduler to pick up that record again. The entire process will start anew, from sending out the emails, to sending out the (last) reminder.

When you wish to resend a reminder to an email invitation and you proceed with executing the steps as described above, what happens is that only part of the sys_Emailsenddate column will be emptied, namely the part that says how many reminders were sent and when, allowing for only the reminder template to be sent out. Please note that if you have more than one reminder programmed to be sent out, only the most recent reminder will be taken into consideration for sending out again.

Conditions when resending a (reminder) invitation

Since a resending an invitation email occurs through the same scheduler process, all of the scheduler rules that are in place apply:

  • If you have activated an exclusion rule, the email of the respondent will have ended up on the exclusion list when the first email was sent, and it must first be removed from the exclusion list before you can send the invitation to this address.

For more information about temporary exclusion and blacklisting, please check out this article

  • The scheduler will execute all enrolment criteria anew. If the record does not meet these criteria, it will not be sent out
    The email will be sent out at the next possible opportunity. If you prepare a record to have its invitation resent, It will happen according to the scheduler date/timeframe.
  • Only new and active records will be resent. If you wish to resend an invitation to the respondent that has already completed the questionnaire, the best way to proceed is to put the result to test status and include the respondent into your import anew as completed records will be excluded from receiving emails at all times.
  • Only records that have a created on date that falls within the expiry date settings will receive a new invitation.