After sending your email invitation, you expect that all the emails should be send. Sometimes it can happen that your e-mail was not sent and you want to know why. In this article we'll explain about the possible reasons why your email was not sent.

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The column sys_Emailstatus is the column of your data garden that shows all the information concerning your invites. This columns contains the date and time and of your invites and reminders.

To learn more about the sys_Emailstatus columns please check the article: “How do I see if the e-mails have been sent?”

Empty sys_Emailstatus

Since the column sys_Emailstatus shows all the information of your emails that are sent out, you always expect that this column will be filled in with the details. As a result you can conclude that if the sys_Emailstatus column is empty, it means that your emails did not get sent.

Inactive project

An inactive project can be one of the reasons why your emails did not get send. Let’s say for instance that you set up your project, created and activated your schedulers, created an import slot and as a final action you activate this import slot. To control all the processed, you check your data view and see the information that you imported and by checking the sys_Emailstatus column you see that the columns is empty, and your emails didn’t get sent. In this case, it will be necessary for you to check your project and if it is inactive, your email will never be sent. What you then need to do is to activate your project. By doing so, the system will check if everything is active, and the import that is done by you will be sent out automatically.

In your schedulers, there is a setting called "process record". By default is set to 7 days. This means that all records with a sys_CreatedOn date up to a maximum of 7 days ago, will be taken into consideration for email sendout. Subsequently, if you notice an error in your settings that results in an email sendout that is failing, they will not be sent at all after these 7 have passed, even if you correct the settings.

Inactive scheduler

Just as is the case with an inactive project, an inactive scheduler will also be cause for not sending out emails. Even if your project and import slots are active, if you forget to turn on your schedulers, you e-mails won’t be sent. If you turn on your schedulers, the system will automatically start sending out emails. To go to the scheduler section, you just need to follow the path as shown in the image below: Data collection (1.) -> choose the section of your project (Customer Feedback, Business or Employee Feedback) (2.) -> Collect Feedback (3.).


 Once you click on "collect feedback" you will land on the main overview screen of your schedulers.

Before turning on the email scheduler, we recommend checking the time slot of the schedulers first by clicking the button "Edit scheduler" to make sure that your emails will be sent quickly.

Scheduler time has not run yet

In case the entire project is ready to run and all the necessary buttons are set to active, and your e-mails still didn’t get sent, you need to check the scheduler frequency. Let’s say that you would like to have your scheduler to send out emails on a daily basis from 09:00 till 16:00 and you did an import at 17:00, your e-mails fall outside of the scheduler frequency and therefore be picked up the next available moment, being the following day at 09:00.

To change the time frequency of your scheduler, please follow the following clickpath: Data collection -> choose in which section is your project (Customer feedback, Business or Employee feedback) -> Collect Feedback -> Edit scheduler.
In the first tab, labelled "Scheduler", you can click on "Edit frequency", edit your settings and save it.

Enrollment criteria do not match your records

In the scheduler section, there is a tab called “Enrollment Criteria” Here you can create specifics rules to send out your emails based on certain specific conditions. In other words, if the conditions from your import do not match the rules that are set up in your scheduler, your emails will not be be sent out.

The record is blacklisted or temporarily excluded

If you have an exclusion or blacklisting rule activated within your project, as can be set up in the scheduler tab on your personal e-mail scheduler, this may result in emails not being sent out as well. Naturally, if a client has already received an invitation previously, within the settings of the temporary exclusion, or if a respondent has blacklisted his/her email address, the respondent should not receive an email address.

You can always check if a record has not received an email because of blacklisting by looking at the sys_isBlacklisted column. Here it is noted if the record is NonBlacklisted, TempExcluded or Blacklisted. If a record has not been sent out and the sys_isBlacklisted column reads: TempExcluded or Blacklisted, that is the reason.

Email address is not correct

It can happen that in your import file the e-mail address was written with the type mistake. In this case, since the e-mail does not exist or misspelled in the wrong way, the system will not be able to process the email and therefore the sys_emailstatus will remain empty for that record.