If you make use of a personal email scheduler for sending out your invitations to partake in a survey, you may want to preview the exact email as it gets sent out to your respondents.

For this purpose we have developed a “Send test email” functionality. In this how to article we will explain how to send yourself an example of your invitation email and what to take into consideration when you do so.

Table of contents:

Where can I find this functionality?

To send a test email to yourself, please follow the steps below:

  • In the data collection menu, find the project and the scheduler you would like to send a test email of 
  • Go to the Mail tab of the scheduler
  • In the top right corner, you will find a button labelled “Send test mail”. If you click this button, a test email will be sent to you.

Who does the invitation get sent to?

The test mail will be sent to the email address that is linked to the account with which you perform the action of sending the test mail.

Why don't my links work?

When pressing the send test mail button, you will be sent an example of what the actual mail looks like. When accessing the link to a survey via the personal email scheduler it will gather live data. Since you are performing a test, you wouldn’t want live data to pollute your results. This is why we have disabled the link to the questionnaire in the test email as well as the subscribe/unsubscribe buttons. 

For more information about testing the questionnaire, please check out this article

Why don't I see any dynamic text?

Dynamic text such as a placeholder for indicating the name of the addressee will not show in the test email. When you send a test email, no background variables are taken into consideration, including the fields that the placeholder (fieldpicker) gets its information from. 

For more information on placeholders or fieldpickers, please check out this article