To actually perform research you need to send out questionnaires to collect data.

This article explains how to publish your questionnaire and send it out.

Table of contents:


After you have tested your questionnaire it's time to publish it.

Publishing your questionnaire will enable respondents to answer the latest version of your questionnaire.

The next section will explain the steps to put your questionnaire in the live mode.

After you published it you can start preparing it to be send out.

Publishing your questionnaire

To publish the questionnaire you have two options. You can put your questionnaire in live mode directly or you can plan your go live on a date of your choosing.  

To plan your go live you must move or copy your questionnaire to the queue mode.

  • Click on the copy or move button (1) and click on the Q.

To publish it directly to live. 

  • Click on the copy or move button (1) and on the L.

By copying your questionnaire to a new state you will actually copy the entire database so that the same version is avaialble in two states simultateously. Moving the questionnaire merely puts it to a different version.

Click yes on the popup to confirm your action.

To track which version of the questionnaire contains what changes, you can add comments for future reference.

Your version will be available after you have refreshed the page.

Now you will see your questionnaire in the queue or live mode.

If you published your questionnaire to the queue mode click on calendar button (2) to plan in the the go live date. Your questionnaire will automatically be moved to live when the time arrives.

When your questionnaire is set to live, that version is ready for collecting live data. You can go to the next section to send it out.

What questionnaire version are my respondents giving answers on?

Respondents are always providing answers on the latest version of the questionnaire that is placed on Live Mode.
An exception to this is when respondents have already started answering their questionnaire and you updated the questionnaire before they could finish. In this case they will continue working in the questionnaire that they started on.

In the details of the Test & Publish columns you will see the Version Number that is now actual in each column.

If you go to your database and look up a record, you will see in the column sys_version the number of the version that the questionnaire was in at the moment the respondent filled it out.