Part of building your questionnaire is adding and removing questions. This article explains how to add and remove questions from your questionnaire.

Table of contents:


To add and remove questions in your questionnaire you have to go to your questionnaire builder.

  • Open your portal and click on the menu item Data Collection
  • Choose the submenu item where your project is located (Customer Feedback, Business or Employee Feedback)
  • Click on the Questionnaire button of the project widget

Your questionnaire editor will now open.

If you would like to know more about the Data Collection overview screen, please take a look at this article

Adding questions

In the questionnaire editor you can select, add or remove pages.

To add a question you first have to add a question page by clicking on the Add page button (1).

The Add page selection box will open to choose your page type.

  • Choose a page name (2) which you can easily identify.
  • Select Question (3) as the page type.
  • Click on the add button (4) to open the question type window.

Group and information pages can be added in order to group questions or inform respondents in between the questions of the questionnaire.

  • Choose your question type (5) and select the question by clicking on the arrow buttons (6) (7).
  • Click on Select this (8) to select your question

Your question will now be added to your to your page selection.

You can now edit your question your changes will be automatically saved.

For more information on different question page types, please check out the full list

Removing questions

You can easily remove a question from your questionnaire.

Go to the question you want to remove and hover with your mouse above it.

The question options will be displayed.
To remove the question click on the remove button.

Confirm your deletion by clicking on the yes button.

Your question will now be removed from the page selection.

Please note that the Start page, End Page, Completed Page and Time Elapsed page cannot be removed as they are vital to the structure of the questionnaire.