If you have a project, but you would like to reach out to different target groups with different personalized emails or under different email settings, you can customize the emails for those target groups. We'll explain about it in the steps below: article.

Table of contents:

Why do you want to customize the emails

Email personalization includes tactics like using a customers name in the subject line, changing the content of the email based on a customer's gender, location, or other things you know about them, or perhaps a different frequency of send out.

Reaching out to the customers (in different target groups) by addressing them with their names in an email gives a good impression for the reader since it's addressed to him / her personally. Customers say a personalized experience would influence their decision to open and read branded emails.

What determines which email is sent to which target group

A target group can be targeted by setting up different schedulers and applying different enrollment criteria for each scheduler. By enrolling only the records of a certain target group into that scheduler, you make sure a particular target group receives a particular email.

The target groups can be targeted by using background variables as a basis for your enrollment criteria.


Enrollment criteria:

Enrollment criteria is a dynamic rule that can be applied to the scheduler. By setting rules to a scheduler you can send out an invitation to all recipients in your imported list that meet certain criteria, for instance: Include all male respondents, include a specific process and so on.

The following steps need to be followed to create rules under enrolment criteria:

Firstly determine whether you want all rules to be met, or whether you would like a respondent to meet one of several criteria.

There are few pre-set conditions for the System columns, If you do not want the conditions to be set for those columns then you can turn off the activation switch.

To add new conditions, you click on the “+” icon under conditions, the toggle switch automatically turns on and you will find a small icon indicating the database. After all, the data you are referring to is in your data garden.

When you click on the icon you will see a new tab with the drop down containing all columns in your project database.

Please select the column you wish to refer to, in order to open up a dropdown of conditions (is, is not, is any of, etc.).

After having selected a condition you will be able to determine the reference area. Will a data garden entry be taken into account or is it a fixed value? Since the last action that needs to be taken is always “enrol in the database” we have already made this the default setting. What we are doing, is selecting prerequisites for a respondent to be allowed to participate.

For more information on enrollment criteria, please check out this article

Customizing the email

Please note that every target group with different email criteria needs a new scheduler, each with different enrollment criteria. Each of these emails can be customized to your design.

You can customize the email to different target groups in multiple ways with our system. You can customize the language of the email, content, images, From / Sender email address, amount of reply emails, frequency, and much more.

Language & Content: 

The email invitation can be targeted to the different groups based on the language. Likewise you can also customize the email content specifically for your target audience.

By default there are two languages NL and EN which were added in the questionnaire. If you wish to have more languages e.g. French (FR) in your questionnaire then it can be added in the questionnaire language tab. By selecting a certain language here, you will be able to determine the default language the questionnaire opens in for that particular target group.

Scheduler Frequency and reminders

You can set the start date and end date of a scheduler for different audiences. If you would like to approach different target groups at different moments, this is the place where you can edit it. You can hava a scheduler for target group A send out in the morning, with no reminder and another for target group B in the afternoon with 2 reminders, for instance.

For more information on scheduler frequencies, please check out this article

Look & Feel:

The Banner image / Logos / Fonts / Colours used in the invites can be customized in the email too. Use fieldpickers for personalization and write a dedicated message to your target group.
If you would like to add specific images or banner for individual emails, you can copy the image URL from the media library.

Please note that the images that you use in the html of the email need to be placed in the Media Library's public folder.