When you want to do analyses on your feedback a lot of useful information is given in the open answers.

With an export of your datagrid widget containing these answers you can easily structure this information into one document for analysis. This article will explain how to use the export function.

Table of contents:


The datagrid is made to view information on the respondent level. You can add all relevant information which is answered by your respondent. Common information added are scores like the NPS, CSAT etc. but also open answers which often contains the motivation of a respondent for giving a score. Analyzing open answers can give you insights on your processes which are not that easily identified with just a score.

Export your datagrid

You can easily download your datagrid by following the next steps.

  • Go to the dashboard tab which contains your datagrid
  • Scroll down the page

Depending on your screen resolution you'll see 1 or 2 scrollbars (1) (2).

  • Scroll the bars (1) and (2) or just (1) completely to the right
  • Scroll up to the beginning of the page

You will now see the export buttons appearing on the top right of the widget.

  • To export your data to a PDF file click on button (3)
  • To export your data to a Excel file click on button (4)

After you clicked on the export button you will see a notification that your export will be available on a short term.

When it's available for download a notification will appear on your notification bell on the top right corner of the screen (5).

Click on the notification bell to see the notification message and click on Here (6) to download the export.

It will be saved to standard download folder on your computer.