Each import slot and database is automatically equipped with several system definitions. These are used to log important information about the records. 

Table of contents:

Column Types

The variables you find in the dataview can be divided into 3 types of definitions:

Questionnaire data:

This contains all answers given by the respondent to your questions. The way this is displayed in your data view is with the page name created by you in the questionnaire, and the page number that is automatically created by the system. By making an export of the data, you will automatically be provided with a data map, to help you give meaning to the values entered in these variables.

Manually created definitions

These columns contain the data and labelled data that have been manually created by a user in the data garden. Information in these columns may be filled by means of import, a reference table or dynamic rule.

System definitions

These columns are predefined and the same for each project. Whether they will be filled depends on the type of project and setup you are using. These definitions represent the foundation of your dataset.

System definitions in the import source

You will find the following system definitions in your import source: 

sys_imports: This column is a record count. A subsequent number is assigned to each new record in your import.

sys_importBatchNumber: This column keeps track of the number of imports that have been performed. It also acts as an unique identifier of all records that belong to a single import.

sys_createdOn: In this column a date and time stamp is added to register at what specific moment the imported record has been created in the import source.

sys_lastEditedDate: In this column a date and time stamp is added when someone edited a value of that particular imported record last.

sys_lastEditedBy: This column keeps track of the user that last made an edit to a value of that particular imported record.

System definitions in the database

You will find the following system definitions in your database: 

sys_respondentId: A unique identifier code representing each record.

sys_projectId: The code representing the project to which the data belongs.

sys_schedulerId: The number representing the scheduler through which the data is collected. 

sys_groupName: The number representing the user group which was assigned to collect this data. 

sys_groupHierarchy: This indicates if the user group belongs to a parent group. 

sys_started: The moment the respondent started the questionnaire.

sys_updated: The last moment the respondent edited the questionnaire.

sys_schedulerQuotaId: The code representing the quota row through which the data was collected. 

sys_schedulerStartDate: The start date of the scheduler through which the data was collected .

sys_schedulerEndDate: The end date of the scheduler through which the data was collected .

sys_respondentStatus: The status of the questionnaire (New/Active/Completed).

sys_importInfo: If a record was created through an import, this column will indicate from which import source it came, what the unique ID is in that import slot and at what date and time it was mapped into the database. 

sys_completedDate: The date and time the questionnaire changed status to completed.

sys_sessionInfo: The moment the respondent started and ended answering the questionnaire as well as the location and device that was being used. This information is only available if the respondent gives permission to collect this information.

sys_version: The questionnaire version number to which the respondent answered.

sys_versionState: Was the data generated by using a test link or a live link?

sys_importBatchNumber: The number representing which import batch was used for the record.

sys_isBlacklisted: Status of the email address in the system (NonBlacklisted/TemporarilyExcluded/Blacklisted).

sys_createdOn: The time and date the record got created.

sys_emailStatus: Shows the date and time an invitation email (or reminder email) was sent

sys_personalLink: The respondent link of the questionnaire.

sys_personalLinkExpiryDate: The date on which the questionnaire link will be expired.

sys_lastEditedDate: The date on which the record was last edited manually (by means of the Action button).

sys_lastEditedBy: The user that last edited the record manually (by means of the Action button).

sys_EmailSentOn: The date and time that the email invite was sent to the respondent

sys_ReminderSentOn: the date and time that the latest email reminder was sent to the respondent

sys_ReminderCount: The number of reminders that have been sent to the respondent

Editing values in your system definitions manually

System definitions per default are blocked from manual editing. If you would receive authorization to do so after all, please let our support team know by contacting us via support@cys.group and we will perform the actions necessary to provide you with the proper access rights.

Please note that due to the structure stability of the portal and projects, certain system definition can never be edited. These columns are: