If you've got your basic graph set up, there's a variety of modifications you can add to it to customize your graph to your wishes even further.

Table of contents:

Show symbol

If the results of your calculations are representing labels such as percentages, degrees or monetary amounts, you may want to have the label preceded or subceded by a symbol such as % or $ or %.

By turning the switch to "on" you will be presented with a box in which you can define the symbol in question. You also have the choice to determine whether the symbol is placed before or after the calcuated label.

Show N

Switching on the "show N" option allows you to see the total amount of records that are included in the particular calculation.

Show labels

Switching on the "show labels" option reveals the label of the exact outcome of the calculation, as an extra indicator next to the position of the calculation on the graph itself.

Show legend

Values give meaning to your numbers. One way of showing the values is in a legend format, color coded at the top of your screen. Switching on the "show legend" option, does just that.

Show values

Another way to make the values transparent is by placing them underneath the columns or next to the bars they represent. Show values does just that.

Show text inside bar/column

Instead of showing the values in a legend, you can also show them inside the columns or bars they represent. This, of course, is a matter of preference.


Use manual scale

Sometimes you would like to use a different scale. If you toggle the switch to active, you will be presented with two more fields you can fill out on the right hand side of the look and feel tab: the min and max values. You can use this to determine the scale of your value axis.

Setting a manual scale can be useful for instance if your periodical values are lying close together and you want to see the difference between them more clearly. By chaninging the scale you can change the perspective.

Add trendline

Another way to make trend more transparent is by adding a trendline to the chart. The growth or decline is accentuated by doing so.

Add trendline indicator

Now if you would like to indicate just how much a trend has changed in comparison to the previous period, you can add a trendline indicator to your graph.