This article will explain the time zone settings in our software. 

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The time zone can be set at different places in your portal.
All the system columns have the Date / Time format except for the emailstatus column which has a text format. 

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Time zone settings will influence Date / Time columns in your projects.
The following chapters will explain where you can set or adjust your time zone settings.

Portal settings

The portal time zone can be changed in the portal settings.
You can follow the steps below to change it.

Step 1: Go to your portal and log in

Step 2: Click on Portal under the Management section in the menu on the left
Step 3: You will now automatically go to the Portal Settings tab
Step 4: Change the time zone to your preferred time zone

Please be advised changing your timezone will change all the system columns from the old time zone to the new time zone except for the sys_EmailStatus column

Planner settings

The planner has its own time zone to process records. If you operate in an area with a different time zone, it's easier to set the planner to that particular time zone. This will prevent you from sending out invitations to respondents outside of business hours if they are in other time zones. Doing this will increase your response, because your respondent will receive an email during the time that the will be active and notified by the invitation received. This increases the chance your respondent will participate.

Follow the next steps to change it:

Step 1: Go to your portal and log in
Step 2: Click on Customer, Organisation or Employee under the Research section

Step 3: Click on the Collect Feedback button under the project you want to change the time zone on
Step 4: Click on Edit Scheduler to edit your planner

Step 5: Click on Add Frequency and choose your new time zone

Your Sys_Emailstatus column will be filled with the newly set time zone.

API settings

With the API Get Project function you are able to export your data from your project database to your system.
This can be used to import data and make your own dashboards, do your own data analyses and other activities to create insights.

Please note the export will give all the system columns in the UTC time zone. This is due to the way the API works. Even if your portal settings are on Pacific Time it will be changed to UTC time in your API calls. This can effect your results. If you have a record with a completed time around midnight, it could be attributed to the wrong date.

Profile settings

You can change the time zone on your profile page. This will change the time to your time zone when you receive messages in your under the notification icon.

Follow the next steps to change it:
Step 1: Go to your My profile page by clicking on the button in right upper corner
Step 2: Select your time zone in the drop-down menu
Step 3: Click on Update profile

Your profile time zone is now set to your own time zone.