Portal Look and Feel

In order to be able to further customize the look and feel of your portal, we have added a couple of features in the look and feel tab of your portal management menu. Now your CYS environment will match your own corporate identity even more!

In order to customize your main menu, go to Management > Portal > Look and Feel. Under General portal settings, there are 4 options to customize:

1. Menu background image:
The image that is selected here will become visible in the background of your main menu. A default image is already added for you, but you can update this with any image from your media library. If you prefer a clean look & feel without an image, you can deactivate this option in the Look and feel settings, by deactivating the Sidebar image switch.   

2. Menu background color:

The color that is set here represents the main color that is applied to the main menu. If an image is applied, the color will be transparent. If you choose to deactivate the image, it will become a solid color.

3. Menu font color:

The color that is selected here represents the color in which the text of the menu items is displayed. 

4. Opacity:

By setting the level of opacity you can manage the visibility of the menu background image and background color that are set. If you move the opacity bar left, both the image and the background color will become less apparent. By moving it to the right, they become more clear.

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