New Calculations

CYS already offers a wide variety of calculations.

Still, upon popular demand, we have added a few additional calculations to our calculation engine: Min, Max, Range, Median and Standard Deviation. The current Average has been renamed "Average Mean" as opposed to the "Median" calculation.


The smallest value found within the selected column


The largest value found within the selected column


(Max value - Min value) calculated over the selected column

Standard Deviation

Subtract the mean value of the selected column from each value and square the result
Calculate the mean over these squared differences and take the square root.


The median is the middle number in an (ascending) number sequence. If there are two middle numbers, you calculate the middle between these numbers.

We also simplified the Topbox and Bottombox, as they already are calculated in the same way as the Percentage of a value. We therefore combined them into one calculation: the Category Percentage.

Top-and Bottomboxes that were already used as a calculation have been automatically replaced by the Category Percentage, resulting in the same outcome.

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