Widget-based reporting ranges

Another update of the CYS software has just been released, focussing specifically on flexible, widget-based reporting ranges for collaborators. This means collaborators can choose which period they would like their data to be presented over.

Based on the valuable feedback we received regarding our recent dashboard upgrade, we decided to reinstate the flexibility that reporting ranges offer collaborators, while at the same time making sure that a new calculation only needs to be performed on the desired widget, resulting in diminished loading activities.
Another improvement that we still keep in place by implementing reporting ranges in this manner is the ability to have multiple widgets report over different periods in the same dashboard.

An administrator can determine which ranges a collaborator is able to choose from when looking at their data, albeit a week, 6 months, a quarter or a year worth of data, with a preferred default setting that can be taken as a point of reference.

When a collaborator logs into the dashboard they will now immediately see what range currently is reported over by means of the tag in the right hand corner of the widget. If they would like to have that widget report over a different period, they can simply click on that tag. A dropdown will appear, showing them all the options that they have been given access to choose from. If the collaborator then chooses another range, that widget alone will do a reload and present the newly calculated data.

The dynamics between the calendar and the reporting ranges still remain the same as it has always been. Turning the period settings in your widget off, will have the widget react to calendar settings only without taking a range as a reference.

Please note that even though the reporting ranges are now applied to individual widgets, changing the calendar date always relates to the entire dashboard.