This article will explain you about the steps involved in adding a new source to your Data Garden - Imports overview screen.

The following screen will appear when you enter the Imports section under the menu-item Data Garden. By default, all the sources you have set up will appear in the overview in which each source has its own widget.

At the top of the import screen you will see three buttons:

  • Sources – This is a default selection where all the active/inactive widgets will be displayed.
  • Active – Here all the active widgets will be displayed.
  • Inactive – All the inactive sources will be displayed.

The user is free to change the position of widgets by clicking on the edit dashboard button and can drag and drop anywhere. After the changes were made, just click on the save dashboard button. In this case there is only one source added so it is showing the number 1.

Now, Let’s learn about how a new source can be added to the Data garden. The User can import data from various sources by clicking on the plus icon which is found on the top left corner of the page.

When you click on the plus icon a carousel pops up. The carousel will have two vertically aligned tabs namely:

File Import – By using this option the user can import the data source file. This will again have three sub options:

  • Manual uploads files
  • Automatically upload by SFTP
  • Automatically upload by file storage

Choose the import type that you are going to use and click 'select' to confirm. Enter a unique name through which you can recognize this import source and save it. 

The new widget is added to your overview and immediately opened so you can continue with the set-up