This article will explain you how to add a new import source to your Data Garden - Import overview screen.

The following screen will appear when you enter the Import section under the menu-item Data Garden. By default, all the sources you have set up will appear in the overview. Each source has its own widget.

At the top of the widget there is an Active switch. This means the import slot is active and ready to import files. By clicking the switch, you can turn it off. The switch will become grey.

Now, Let’s learn about how a new source can be added. Start by clicking the button "Add import source" at the top right corner of the page.

When you click on the "Add import source" button, a carousel pops up. The carousel shows the different options you can choose from. Currently we support:

  • Manual upload
  • Automatically upload by SFTP

Choose the import type that you are going to use and click 'select' to confirm. Enter a unique name through which you can recognize this import source and save it. 

The new widget is added to your overview and immediately opened so you can continue with the set-up