This article will help you to understand the setup of a personal email invitation.

By importing your CRM data into the project, the personal invitation schedulers allows you to send personal email invitations to your respondents, which contain a personal link to your questionnaire. You will be able to identify who filled out the questionnaire, since the results are linked to the CRM list that you have created up front.

You can find the personal invitation by clicking on the “add” button when choosing a scheduler for a specific project.

The screenshot below illustrates the initial page when choosing a scheduler for a personal invitation.

After you click on the “add button” you will see the page below.

This is the page where you need to enter the scheduler name, the frequency (Date and Time) with which the invitations get sent, and exceptional dates (such as national holidays) that keep the email invitation inactive during specified times. In addition, an option for blacklisting is also provided.

After saving the initial setup, you will be introduced to few more tabs.

  • The enrollment criteria tab can be used for creating rules concerning which of the imported addresses will be included in the invitation.
  • In the mail tab you can create a setup for the email which will be sent to the respondent.
  • In the reminder tab you can create a setup for the reminder emails.
  • The respondent tab is similar to the dataview tab in your data garden, providing access to all records.

These tabs will be explained in greater detail in the upcoming articles.