This article will cover the view of the Project tab

The leftmost button of the menu at the bottom of your screen is the Project tab. It will show you all the projects that you have been assigned to at that moment. A project is a questionnaire with a limited accessibility regarding users, period, quota and groups/departments. Think for instance of an audit.

The Project overview screen is built up as follows:

The top bar reflects the tab name (in this case "Projects").

Search bar
Next to the title you will find a a smart search button (spyglass) with which you can quickly navigate through a long list of forms to find the one you wish to access.


With the filter icon you can easily filter through your project list based on Project name, Start Date, End Date, Completed projects and Project types. You will also find the option to sort the projects (Ascending / Descending)

Server connectivity
The colored dot in the top right hand corner represents the connection to the server. Green means the connection is just fine. Red means there is no connection and you will probably need to check your network/internet. No worries though. If the dot is red, the results you entered are still remembered, and will be saved onto the server at a later stage as soon as the connectivity is strong again and the dot is colored green.

Project list

You are able to scroll down through all of the projects you as a user have been granted access to. Each project will indicate the project type (E.g. Voice of Employee), the Project name, the user group it has been published to, the period for which the project is accessible (start and end date) and the status of your quota: the exact or minimum amount of responses needed, the number of started questionnaires and the number of completed questionnaires, so you can easily see how much more you need to reach your goal. Tap on a project to open it.

Project details

After opening a project, the project name will be displayed at the top of the page including a < button. By clicking the left facing arrow, you will return to the project list. The project details of the previous page are also shown on the project detail page, but you now see additional buttons:


If the project manager has enabled your list view, you can see an overview of started and completed questionnaires here. For every questionnaire there is a percentage icon that shows how far it is completed and a 32-digit code that represents the unique Respondent ID.

If the list view is not enabled, it will be greyed out.


By clicking this button, you will open a new questionnaire and you can start filling out your feedback. If you have completed a questionnaire and you want to go back to the project detail page, simply click on the left facing arrow besides the project name (top of the page) to go back. From this project detail page you can start a new questionnaire.


By clicking this button your most recent questionnaire will be re-opened. This function always goes back to the most recent questionnaire since it is created to continue in a questionnaire in case you were interrupted or when you have lost connectivity. 

Besides Projects, the mobile app also gives you access to Forms and your Profile