Both the CYS Mobile app and the web-version of the app offer access to the same functionalities. This article will give you a quick overview and a short introduction to the main items.

When opening the experience app, you will arrive on the Experience app overview screen. The main menu can be found on the left-hand side in the web-browser, and at the bottom of the screen in the mobile application. 

There are four sub-items, namely Project & Planning, Forms & Checklists, Blogs and Dashboards. 


Project & Planning (in app: Projects):  In the project & Planning tab, you'll have access to the questionnaires, audits or checklists that are relevant to you, during the designated period that the data needs to be collected. Every project will indicate a start and end date of the data collection period, and even a minimum or exact quota (number of completely filled out questionnaires) that needs to be collected. The questionnaires assigned to you in this section can be opened and resumed at any later moment within the project duration. Once the data collection period is over, the project automatically disappears from your app. More details can be found here

Forms & Checklists  (in app: Forms): In the forms & checklist tab, you'll have access to the questionnaires, audits or checklists that are relevant to you, for as long as they are published to you. There is no specific start or end date defined, nor a quota that needs to be met. The questionnaires are available to you whenever you need them. More details can be found here.

Please note: The questionnaires assigned to you via this section can't be resumed at a later moment. Therefore, you need to complete these questionnaires in one go. 


Blogs:  In the blog section you can read the blog posts that have been published by your manager and/or colleagues. Mainly it is used to share relevant news, ideas, or any other type of information that might be relevant for you. More details can be found here.

Dashboards: In this section you can find dashboard display(s). A dashboard gives you a quick overview of key information which is relevant for you to get a new perspective of your business or a project. More details can be found here.

The settings menu: 

On the right top corner of your experience app you can find the settings menu (available in the web-version only). Through this menu, you can ask for help and support, view notifications, change the language settings and access your profile page. 

Through the question mark symbol, which is labelled "help and support" you can get immediately access to our support environment. In the CYS knowledge center you can find support articles that can help you clarify your questions or solve any doubts you might have. If the information you need cannot be found in any of the articles, or if you think an article is incomplete, you can drop us a note by creating a ticket.


The bell symbol, which is labelled "See notifications" shows you a quickly overview of new received messages, any updates or other alerts that need your attention. For instance, if a new tasks has been assigned to you, the bell symbol gives you an alert that a new tasks has been assigned to you. Please note: only unread messages are indicated here.


The third icon is the language icon. Here you can change the default language of your experience app. At this moment our portal is available in English, Dutch, German and French.


The side bar menu, all the way in the right corner, gives you access to "My profile" page.

My Profile page 

This provides you with an overview of the role and preferences that have been set up for you. Some of the profile settings can be personalized, such as name, gender, date of birth and job title. Others have been set up by the administrator and can't be edited, for example the type of user, e-mail address and the groups that you have been assigned to. 

And since it is always nice to link a face to a screen name, you can click on the small pen shaped icon by hovering over the circle in the designated area and upload your personal or company picture.