• I am activating my user account and I get the message that the user ID already exists. What do I do?


Your e-mail address is already recognized by the system as an active account. This can occur if you have a user account in a different portal already, or when you have tried to activate before and the process got interrupted.

Since you can only activate a new account once, you'll need to follow the process of verifying an existing account in order to continue and finish the process.


  • I am trying to activate my account but my screen freezes, loops, or does not redirect to the portal after activation.

It is very likely your problems are browser related. We advise you to use an updated version of Google Chrome. If you already have an up to date version of Google Chrome and still encounter these issues, please try again using an incognito window.

When the issue persists, please contact our support department with the details; we are happy to help!