New import and database functionalities

The new release provides customers and employees customized browsing of the product, improve security and the ability to perform tasks at ease.


One of these major improvements revolves around several new functionalities in the data view of both the database and imports section.

These new functionalities make it a lot easier to manage the data without the complexity of the Dynamic Rule Engine and allows for better use of an import source as a reference table.

Areas of improvement

The improvements we added to the dataview of the import section allow for adding separate records into an import slot manually, editing existing records, deletion of those records and making an export of the data.

The improvements we added to the dataview of the database section allow for editing of existing records and deletion of records from the project altogether.

For a more detailed description of these functionalities, please turn to the following in-depth articles on import functionalities and database functionalities.

Import Dataview 

Database Dataview 

Logs Import 

Logs Database 

Defining the columns Database


To be able to edit particular values you need authorization to do so. In the management portal access can be granted to administrators to enable manual editing of values in the database or the import slots. 

Edit permissions can be provided on 3 different levels: custom variables, questionnaire variables and system variables.

As per default every portal has the authorization to edit custom and questionnaire variables unlocked. To be able to also edit certain system variables or to the contrary, to lock off editing of certain variable types, please let a CYS support employee know about your preferences and we will make it happen!

Due to the internal structure and stability of the database, certain system variables cannot be edited, even when unlocking access to them. These areas will be greyed out in you editing screen.