Release notes August (IRIS module)


1. Hospital


  • Added finalization options: Check input and Enter results
  • Added “freeze” functionality – the last setting is remembered
  • Improved regarding overview AB estimation

Hand Hygiene

  • Average volume per taking is now a variable value

Patient Scan

  • Improved variables of Antimicrobial Therapy
  • Added variables to query: Is the administration of AMT valid?
  • Added variable to query: continuous administration AB
  • Added question concerning validation of AMT
  • Improved routing for negative entry AMT
  • Improved available space for open data entry
  • Improved sorting regarding chronology in number
  • Minor textual improvements
  • Changed variable regarding catheter to single response

Environmental  Contamination

  • Minor textual improvements


2. Child care

Food preparation

  • Removed question concerning bottle storage

Hand hygiene

  • Added explanatory note  regarding hand hygiene
    Minor textual improvements


  • Replaced question regarding validity cultivation



Bug Fixes

1. Hospital

Environmental Contamination

  • Bugfix concerning visibility values and images
  • Bugfix concerning routing after completing an item
  • Several bugfixes regarding functionality type pad

Patient scan

  • Checks and adjustments concerning Patient ID chronology
  • Fixed routing issue concerning microbiological research
  • Fixed filter regarding samples
  • Fixed issue regarding “next” button
  • Fixed issue regarding finalizing AB questionnaire
  • Fixed consistency issue regarding entry options AB

2. Child care


  • Textual adaptations regarding test subject

Food  preparation

  • Textual adaptation concerning defrosting milk

Public 2

  • Several bugfixes regarding entry field animal contact