Release notes August (CYS)



1. Media Library 


We have released an operational Media Library with the following functionalities


Menu and Settings

  • Add Media Library option in sidebar
  • Media Library page
  • Media Lists, both grid view and list view
  • Media Library search box and  filter
  • Media Library selection options and actions such as select all and deletion
  • Reset to default button on look and feel settings
  • Sidebar image selector integration



  • Folders structure
  • Expand/collapse folders structure
  • Add New Folder
  • Edit Folder
  • Delete Folder



  • Add New File
  • Change file from grid view and list view
  • Delete file from grid view and list view



  • From date/to date filter
  • Sort by filter
  • Media type filter



  • Logo/favicon settings
  • Delete logo/favicon from Media Library
  • Media thumbnail


Profile Picture

  • Add Profile Picture
  • Edit Profile Picture
  • Remove Profile Picture
  • Delete Profile Picture from Media Library



2. Blog

Look and feel

  • We created a more “website look and feel as opposed to a “system” look and feel
  • Improved the layout of widgets
  • Enlarged the title section
  • Added extra space for the text overview to make it more easy to read.



  • When a new blog is created, a notification will now be sent to announce this.



Bug Fixes


1. Menu


  • Fixed the settings icon to a still icon


  • Updated the hyperlinks for our help and support center