Release notes March 25th

We have updated and made improvements as well as released some bugfixes concerning the following functionalities:


1. IRIS Module 

  • Added a reporting switch on PDF/PPTX
  • Adjusted Scheduler to IRIS design

2. Questionnaire

  • Fixed issues concerning page grouping
  • Improved on the settings menu
  • Fixed some issues in the Test & Publish section (including archive functionality)
  • Improved on the Template section
  • Added HTML/CSS tab for Time Elapsed and Completed page

3. Scheduler

  • Fixed issues concerning the e-mail scheduler
  • Fixed issues concerning the open invitations scheduler
  • Added blacklisting options for respondents
  • Added example file for exception dates

4. Blog and Media Library section

  • General improvements concerning Media Library
  • Linked Media library to project related uploads

5. Data garden

  • Fixed issues concerning data import
  • Improved on data mapping functionality
  • Improved on definitions upload functionality (separated csv)
  • Improved upon the import of labelled data

6. Respondent view

  • Fixed and improved upon KPI question page functionality
  • Improved upon the look & feel
  • Fixed the display of dynamic rule engine and field picker texts