Release notes June 6th



1. Mobile App


We have developed the Mobile App with the following functionalities 


  • Dedicated personalized collaborator project view
  • Transparent overview of the in-app progress
  • List view, create new and resume functionalities

2. Scoring Tab

We have developed a Scoring Tab option with the following functionalities 


  • Percentage or 10-point scale scoring options
  • Scoring possibilities for single response, KPI, root cause and checklist questions
  • Separate entries for corresponding scores to questions in data garden

Bugs and wishes

We have updated and made improvements as well as released some bugfixes concerning the following functionalities:


1. Dynamic Rule Engine

  • Improved on the flexibility of the DRE in combination with the Field Picker option
  • Changed Jump and Skip options to Post-Page rules instead of Pre-Page rules
  • Added current page as a reference option of DRE questionnaire related rules
  • Improved on the functionality of create db and mutation rules

2. Questionnaire

  • Added the option of making answering subcategories to a root cause type question required to fill
  • Improved on the N/A and Other settings to match DRE and Scoring tab requirements

3. Scheduler

  • Improved on transparency concerning progress within the Project Scheduler

4. Blog and Media Library section

  • Improved transparency of respondent uploaded media files

5. Data garden

  • Improved on the functionality of event based rules
  • Added to the transparency of data logs concerning main/sub categories of root cause type answers
  • Improved on transparency of imported data