Release notes early January



1. Data Garden


We have updated the DataGarden with the following functionalities


Data Garden Overview screen

  • Import,, Connector, API option - widget display with various information related to the imported data source
  • Projects option - widget display where widgets will automatically be created for each project


File Import

  • General tab where the user can enter or edit various details like name, description active/inactive
  • Definitions tab in which the user is able to set a structure
  • File sources tab - Manual import and SFTP import
  • Rules on import tab in which you can create new rules but which also provides default rules set up by CYS
  • Dataview tab in which you will see a list of columns from the imported file with pagination
  • Log tab in which the user can view details like name, date, success report, number of records, import type, user stamp. The log tab has an option to download.


2. Dynamic Rule Engine

We have released an operational Dynamic Rule Engine with the following functionalities

Rules tab

  • We created a tab with an overview of all the rules you created in the DRE as well as some default rules provided by CYS
  • The rules will be having a switch to turn it on/off
  • It displays rule name, rule switch, output (drag/drop) and actions (delete/duplicate)


Wizard tab

  • On this tab you will be able to create rules.
  • Created rules can be edited on this tab.
  • Conversion to expert mode can be set on this tab

Action buttons

  • Add rule (wizard) directly redirects the user to the wizard tab
  • Add rule (expert/import) directly redirects the user to the expert screen or enables the user to directly import the rule from the excel file
  • Minimize button added
  • Maximize button aded
  • Close button added


3. Field Picker

We have released an operational Field Picker with the following functionalities

  • The field picker allows the user to personalize emails, questionnaires, reports, texts field, etc.
  • Fields are currently grouped in source data and data related to the questionnaire section
  • The field picker can be closed, minimized and maximized.