Release notes late January



1. Data Garden


We have updated the DataGarden with the following functionalities


Project Sources/Reporting Sources

  • About
  • Dataview tab
  • Import sources tab
  • Definitions tab
  • Logging tab

2. Respondent View

We have developed an operational Respondent View with the following updated functionalities

Test link generation linking to projects with - amongst others -

  • Single Response Page
  • Matrix Quesiton Page
  • Input Form Page
  • Root Cause Page
  • KPI Page
  • Checklist Page


  • DRE integration
  • Field Picker integration


  • New Question Page Carrousel design (images and content)


We have implemented several bugfixes amongst which are

  • An improved autosave functionality
  • Media Library now supports SVG images
  • Prioritized technical bugfixes that resulted from testing