Release notes June 19th

Bugs and wishes

We have updated and made improvements as well as released some bugfixes concerning the following functionalities:

1. Dynamic Rule Engine

Improved functionality for the Dynamic Rule Engine concerning conditional “0” values

Improved user friendliness of the Dynamic Rule Engine in terms of creating text (including the use of the Field Picker within the Dynamic Rule Engine)

For copied questionnaires, all Dynamic Rule Engine rules used within them now get copied as well.

Improved execution of Dynamic Rule Engine rules concerning database values

Create/change values is now a post page rule

2. Questionnaire

Improved on the flexibility of the “required to fill” setting (i.e. input form pages)

3. Data garden

Improved on the “send email” functionality within the Datagarden mutation rules. Trigger e-mails using Fieldpicker now display labels instead of actual values.

Improved on the distinction between active on web and new statuses

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