Release notes October 8th


1. Dashboards

We have developed the Dashboards with the following functionalities

  •  A new feature is available through which you can export your dashboard widgets in PDF or PNG format.
  •  A new widget type (Specials – Infographics) is now available with fixed data points, through which you can fully customize your reporting designs.

2. Personal invite scheduler

We have developed the Personal invite scheduler with the following functionalities

  • - You are now able to edit the sender name of your emails to reflect any name of your choosing.
  • - You are now able to set your own return address. Any replies to your email invite will be sent to the email address that you set here.

Bugs & Wishes

We have updated and made improvements as well as released some bugfixes concerning the following functionalities:

1. General

We have integrated a new mail server, which provides additional customization features for the personal invite scheduler.

2. Personal invite scheduler

The blacklisting functionality has been further customized in the mail template, making it easier to use or delete the functionality from your invite email.

The blacklisting functionality is now available for all respondent types.

3. Questionnaire Engine

Added additional validation to the Page name fields.

Improved the design of new pages within the Questionnaire Slider that don’t have a page type assigned yet.

4. Notification pages

Added a new notification page for Internet Explorer users

Added a new notification design for location settings within the mobile app

5. Dynamic Rule Engine

Improved upon the functionality of the Skip Rule, which can now be applied to more question types

Improved upon the functionality of the fieldpicker within Send Mail actions, making it more user friendly.

6. Data garden

Improved upon the action dropdown. You now don’t have to re-select your records to perform additional actions.

7. Dashboarding

The dashboard name can now be edited.

New options are added to the KPI & Calculation list within your Portal Management, providing you with more calculation options to apply to your dashboard.

New option is added to the Frequency list within your Portal Management, allowing you to create Custom period settings.

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