Release Notes November 22nd



1. Revamp of the portal

We have completely revamped our Portal Menu Structure 


  • A clear and more logical menu structure
  • Expanded the options for Collaborators in the web version of the Mobile App
  • Created a distinction between project types (Customer Feedback, Employee Feedback and Business (Audits))
  • All main menu tabs are accompanied by landing pages, explaining their basic functionalities
  • Improved on the general look and feel with better looking icons and text fonts
  • A better user experience!!!

2. Dashboarding


We have developed Dashboarding with the following functionalities 


  • New widget types have been added to the carrousel, such as Graphs and charts and Specials, containing a conversation widget and data grid reporting
  • Special infographics templates have been added for the Experience Culture Index and Customer Journey scores
  • Smart filters have been added
  • Dynamic calculations are now operational, so you can set min/max values, access reporting variables, compare values, group pages in reporting and so on

Bugs and wishes

We have updated and made improvements as well as released some bugfixes concerning the following functionalities:


1. Data garden

  • Improved on the look and feel of the database and import widgets
  • Improved on the rules on import functionality 
  • Improved on the general capacity and stability of the data garden
  • Improved on the user friendliness of the data transfer from import slot into the project

2. Questionnaire

  • Improved on the respondent view textual layout

3. Dashboard

  • Implementation of dashboard images is now possible
  • Improvements on existing widget functionalities

4. Portal Management

  • Improved on look and feel of Portal Management tabs