Release notes December 5th

Bugs and wishes

We have updated and made improvements as well as released some bugfixes concerning the following functionalities:


1. Data garden

  • Improved on data labeling
  • Improved on the fieldpicker functionality
  • Improved on export functionality
  • Improved on sftp import functionality

2. Questionnaire

  • Improved on the respondent view

3. Dashboard

  • Improved on several widgets, including top/bottom 10 scores, highest/lowest scores and others
  • Improved on the dynamics of the reporting
  • Improved on general view
  • Improved on different display items
  • Improved on responsiveness

4. Portal Management

  • Improved on the favicon display
  • Improvements concerning textual alignment, content alignment and alignment of buttons to enhance user experience
  • Improved on the help messaging in popups

5. Iris Projects

  • Improved on Iris Reporting
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