Release notes January 13th 2020



1. Account based filters


We have developed Account based filters with the following functionalities 


  • Filter data from one dashboard per user login
  • Set account based filters to separate widgets
  • Dynamic calculations per filter setting

Bugs and wishes

We have updated and made improvements as well as released some bugfixes concerning the following functionalities:


1. Data garden

  • Improved on the stability of newly created definitions

2. Questionnaire builder

  • Improved on the version update
  • It is now possible to not only alter, but also completely remove manual routing settings
  • Improved on the flexibility of the ordering of root causes.
  • Improved on the user friendliness of copied projects
  • Made some adjustments to the flexibility of the scheduler invitation date and time

3. Dashboard

  • Optimized individual reporting
  • Updated setting icons
  • Improved on datagrid rootcause labels
  • Improved on the ordering of score widgets
  • Improved on admin filters
  • Released account based filters

4. Portal Management

  • Improved on the period settings

5. Dashboard

  • Implementation of dashboard images is now possible
  • Improvements on existing widget functionalities

6. Respondent view

  • Improved on accessibility of questionnaires
  • Improved on the representation of dynamic text
  • Improved on the dates of the calendar selection
  • Uploaded images can now be turned 90 degrees

7. Dynamic Rule Engine

  • Improved on the possibilities of adding multiple recipients of trigger emails
  • Improved on the skip rule based on rootcauses

8. IRIS Module

  • Added reporting possibilities (pptx and pdf)
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