Release notes February 7th 2020



1. Follow up widget


We have developed the follow up widget with the following functionalities 


  • Creation of task-cards based on the available data
  • Set owners, variables and priorities to the tasks created
  • The ability to place additional notes when following up a task

 2. Dynamic and individual infographics


We have developed dynamic and individual infographics with the following functionalities 


  • Create your own svg infographic
  • Dynamic and realtime calculations over the data you wish to show in you infographic
  • An easy to use wizard to aid you in setting up your dynamic values
  • Infographic reporting based on individual records

Bugs and wishes

We have updated and made improvements as well as released some bugfixes concerning the following functionalities:


1. Data garden

  • Made several improvements on the stability of data management
  • Improved on the labeling of data
  • Improved on definitions
  • Improved on logging "create other" answer type questions

2. Questionnaire builder

  • Improved on version management
  • Improved on page grouping

3. Dashboard

  • Improved on several dashboard widgets

4. User Management

  • Improved on the role settings

5. Scheduler

  • Added field picker functionality to sender name field
  • Improved on the execution of schedulers running at the same time
  • Improved on the scheduler frequency

6. Blacklisting

  • Improved on blacklisting logging
  • Added temporary exclusion functionality
  • Improved on deduplication

7. Dynamic Rule Engine

  • Improved on expert rule saving procedure by removing autosave and adding a separate save button
  • Improved on Field picker functionality
  • Added default rules for enrollment and import
  • When changing a status to "completed" a completed date now will be added to the record as well.
  • Ordering your rules is made easier.
  • Improved the skip rule concerning "blank" variables

8. Media Library

  • Reviewed and temporarily limited edit functionalities in media library for stability purposes

9. Respondent view

  • Made several improvements in the display and user friendliness of the mobile view on the respondent side