Release notes April 4th 2020



1. New UI for overview screens


We have developed a new UI for the different overview screens with the following functionalities 


  • Possibility to archive and restore projects
  • Direct access to your questionnaire and your scheduler
  • No accidental project deletion! Only archived projects can be deleted

 2. New look for bar-, column- and table charts


We have developed a new look for bar-, column-, and table charts with the following functionalities 


  • Reporting on datapoint calculation or variables
  • Combine multiple definitions into one graph
  • A regular, colorful or clean look of your bars, columns and tables

3. Public folder


We have developed a public folder in the media library with the following functionalities 


  • Undeletable public folder
  • A copy link functionality that allows you to access the location of the media file
  • Add this link to the html of for instance information pages and invitation emails to display the media file

Bugs and wishes

We have updated and made improvements as well as released some bugfixes concerning the following functionalities:


1. Data garden

  • Improved on Log notifications functionality
  • Improved on import functionality

2. Questionnaire builder

  • Improved on the grouping functionality of question pages
  • Improved on the versioning of projects
  • Changed publishing functionality into sharing functionality (to groups or individual users)

3. Dashboard

  • Multiple response questions now show as yes/no answers in Conversation Widget
  • Made several improvements to the Follow Up Widget

4. User Management

  • Improved on and redefined some of the role settings

5. Scheduler

  • Improved on the logistics of reminders when using multiple schedulers
  • Improved on the option on gathering test data in the 

6. Portal management

  • Improved on the communication settings

7. Respondent view

  • Improved on media page functionality