Release notes October 16th


  • All tables are upgraded to a new and improved version. The look & feel is improved and applied consistently throughout the portal, column headers can now be filtered and sorted easily, the column width can be adjusted and scrolling is improved.
  • Improved on readability of confirmation messages due to applied color gradients.
  • Beta version of API key management is made available for (account) administrators.


  • Copying a project including all related schedulers is made available, instead of being able to only copy the project.
  • Improved the user friendliness of the project overview screen when working with larger amounts of projects. When going to a sub menu, the page automatically reverts to the top so you can easily view and reach your settings.


  • Settings for SFTP connection now accept special characters in the username/password validation.
  • Improved the record count within the import slots to ensure that IDs can’t be reused in case of deleted records.

Database – Rules tab

  • Added new action to the Creation Rules so you can determine which records from the import slot are not allowed to flow into the project.
  • Added new action to the Rules tab so you can update records based on the Risk level setting.
  • Added a loader icon to improve user experience in case of a large number of rules, so it is clear that the list is loading, where before it showed blank as if no rules where present.
  • Event based rules are now activated, so a user is able to apply dynamic rules to the entire data set, not only records that are being created or mutated.

Database – Data view

  • Improved upon the consistency of system columns:
    • The system columns are now also filled when a respondent only accesses the start page of the questionnaire.
    • When a completed record is change into a new or active record, that completed date column is reset to reflect this change.
    • Date notations now have a fixed notation format to avoid inconsistencies due to device or browser settings.

Questionnaire – respondent view

  • Improved on comment box question page, to ensure validation of the maximum number of characters allowed is still correct in more complex scenarios.
  • Outlining of the KPI question pages and the next/previous buttons in Edge are improved.
  • Improved the validation on the minimum or maximum amount of answers that can be selected on the multiple response questions to avoid conflicting settings.
  • Improved the functionality of custom created languages to ensure the respondent can switch between custom languages the same way as for default languages.
  • Improved the functionality of field pickers where in specific scenarios the answer code instead of the answer text was displayed.

Questionnaire Builder

  • Added explanatory texts on the questionnaire builders Template Tab.
  • Added safety to the Language tab to prevent the same language from being added multiple times.
  • Improved upon the language icon to ensure that the images are properly displayed in all locations (questionnaire builder, scheduler settings, respondent view).


  • Improved on the language setting in the scheduler to prevent unintended changes.
  • Added the option to copy an individual scheduler within the same project.
  • Improved on the validation of the date and time settings for schedulers. You can now add hours in 24 hrs notation directly instead of through the selector, and a validation check on the required fields is performed before you can save the settings to ensure you do not forget a setting.

Dashboard - General

  • Increased the maximum number of tabs allowed in a dashboard from 10 to 15 tabs. The tab name can now contain 20 characters instead of 10 characters.
  • Fix provided on color schemes to ensure it is possible to delete a created color scheme.
  • Improved the week setting so it now runs from Monday to Sunday instead of the previous Sunday to Saturday.

Dashboard - new functionality

  • Added a new reporting option: the priority matrix. It can plot your results based on a score in combination with importance (percentage chosen), so you can easily identify which subject you should retain, guard, build or improve. Available in graph and table version, with the option to add open answers or background variables to provide context.
  • Added a new option on tables and charts in order to provide an export option on these widgets. If the switch for ‘Allow data export’ is active in the widget settings, an export option appears in the top right corner.
  • Response and completed percentages are now available for Project Planner scheduler, Forms & checklist scheduler, and the Open link scheduler. For personal invites this calculation will become available in the next release.
  • Added the option to report on Active and New records as well, in addition to the already available Completed records.
  • Added the option to change the period settings for dashboard viewers, so now each user is able to switch between the period settings of the dashboard where before this was a fixed setting.

Dashboard - widget improvements

  • Improved upon horizontal tables that use a compare, to make it possible to show the total N for each column.
  • Expanded the filter options on the data grid so it is possible to apply two filter variations on a single column.
  • Improved upon the Data grid pagination by reducing the maximum number of records per page to 1000 in order to avoid loading issues in browsers or on devices that do not support higher quantities.
  • Improved upon the widget setting of the data grid to ensure that a filter variable in the widget settings is properly applied so you can choose to show only a selection of your database.

Dashboard - Infographic improvements

  • New infographic templates are added to the web shop.
  • Infographics have improved resizing that takes into consideration the original scaling.
  • White space around the infographic is minimized and it is now possible to make the infographic background transparent so it incorporates better into the dashboard.
  • It is now possible to use different fonts within the infographic texts.
  • Improved upon the dynamic fills in infographic widgets so it is now possible to fill a bar (or other shape) to the level that matches a score or percentages. This is available for individual datapoints as well as for calculated datapoints.
  • Improved upon the infographic wizard that generates the calculated datapoints to make it more intuitive and efficient.
  • Improved upon the datapoint overview screen, so selected datapoints now indicate the calculation and background variable it is based upon.
  • Improved upon the infographics to ensure more calculations and compares are available for calculated data.
  • For individual infographics it is now possible to show comment box questions as well (open answer texts).

User management

  • Added a safety to prevent the unintended sending of multiple activation emails to one user in a single action.


  • Improved on the display of the blog title in case of larger texts and added a validation on the maximum number of characters allowed in the title.

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