Release notes December 2020


  • User buttons to add  an action are updated in design and text to improve consistency and user friendliness


  • Improved upon the loading time of the scheduler overview.
  • Improved upon the safety of the versioning. Users are no longer able to remove a questionnaire from Live to avoid interruptions in data collection

Database – New functionality

  • Each record in your dataview is henceforward assigned its own personal link (and expiry date) through which the questionnaire can be accessed.

API Key management

  • Most recent items now are placed on top.
  • A description field is added for the user to insert notes
  • Unique API names are enforced
  • Improved on the amoun tof API keys that can be created
  • Improved upon the save options for dashboard JSONS
  • Name of the API Keys are now reflecting on the respective cards and the details are always placed at the top of the screen.

Communication settings - New functionality

  • It is now possible to set up your own custom email address in order to send invitation emails from your own email domain.


  • Improved on the language setting in the scheduler to prevent unintended changes.
  • Added the option to copy an individual scheduler within the same project.
  • Improved on the validation of the date and time settings for schedulers. You can now add hours in 24 hrs notation directly instead of through the selector, and a validation check on the required fields is performed before you can save the settings to ensure you do not forget a setting.

Dashboard - General

  • Longer texts are now displayed in full in widgets.
  • Missing values in tables are displayed correctly
  • When the outcome of a KPI calculation was -, this was displayed as a dash. Now the actual value of 0 is displayed
  • New records are now available in the dashboards as well.
  • All groups can be (un)published to/from again
  • Response and completed percentages can be reportd on for all data collection types
  • Edit mode now toggles on consistently.

Dashboard - Charts

  • You can now add a trendline indicator to your charts
  • Data is now ocrrectly displayed for sundays in weekly periods
  • Gradient colorschemes now funciton properly for charts covering more than 12 periods
  • Labels and values now no longer overlap
  • Show n and show text in bar are no longer activated when editing a chart.

Dashboard - Data Grid

  • Option to show "all" records instead of only "completed" records.
  • Filters are now working for both labels and option codes instead of solely option codes.
  • Sorting on date columns can  now be done without other values disappearing

Dashboard - Speed

  • Improved upon data retrieval to ensure a more efficient data loading.
  • Imporved on the calculation requests to avoid duplicate loading of data.
  • Improved loading of widgets and general speed issues
  • Fixed a bug where autorizations of certain users were blocked

Dashboard - Infographics

  • Redesigned the wizard for creating datapoints.
  • Provided fixes on some of the calculations of dynamic fills for individual reports and dynamic calculations

Dashboard - Filters

  • Account based filters can n ow be placed upon priority matrices
  • Filtervalues with multiple comma's are no longer generating errors
  • Minimum N required setting is now also applied when using filters