Release February 2021

Great news! This week we are releasing another new version of our software, which includes a variety of new features, improvements and fixes. An overview of what you can expect:


  • Additional languages have been added to the portal, so you are now able to set your portal language in 13 different languages.
  • All Add/Cancel buttons throughout the system are now applied in the same way and the color of these buttons is connected to your portal settings.
  • Improved the general application security by providing security patches.

Portal management

  • Portal settings: The main menu of your portal can now be customized to reflect a background color and text color of your choice, in addition to adding a transparent background image. This enhances the branded look&feel of your portal even further.
  • Media Library improvements: increased pagination so a larger amount of images is accessible at once for a better overview. Search functionality is now moved to the top bar so the same search action can be applied for both list view and grid view.
  • Communication settings: Custom email addresses can now be removed instead of only deactivated, making sure you can keep the list up to date. 
  • User management: it is possible to deactivate the MyProfile section for users, or to allow viewing rights only to prevent users from editing their profile page.

Projects - Schedulers

  • Within the project planner scheduler / quota tab, it is now possible to search and filter on the column Users as well. 
  • When a project planner scheduler is set to an exact quota, it is no longer possible to start a new questionnaire when the quota is completed.
  • Within the personal invite scheduler a new switch is added to optimize your message for SMS. By activating this switch, all html coding is removed from the message body (excluding the link to the questionnaire) to ensure the message can be converted into a proper SMS. 
  • Within the personal invite scheduler the sender name field is now fixed so you are able to add a custom name for each individual scheduler.
  • Within the personal invite scheduler you are able to use dynamic images again by using a fieldpicker of a column that contains the image link.
  • Within the personal invite scheduler a fix is applied to ensure that fieldpickers can be easily added without duplicated fields.
  • Within the personal invite scheduler a fix is applied to ensure that a space before a fieldpicker is no longer automatically removed.

Projects - Questionnaire builder

  • The copy functionality on question pages is improved. You now get a pop-up with which you can determine the page name and the location in the questionnaire where you want the copied page to be inserted. 
  • Improved upon the functionality to edit a language within the language tab. The edit window now displays the thumbnail image properly and you can update a language name.
  • Improved upon the dynamic rule conditions. When using an ‘IN BETWEEN’ rule you can insert any value instead of fixed values in a dropdown.

Respondent view

  • On an input form question page, a numeric question field in some cases blocked the dropdown list of other questions. This is now fixed to ensure all question field on this page are easy accessible.
  • It is now possible to provide respondents with a ‘previous page’ button on the Completed page. This offers the possibility for respondents to go back into an already completed questionnaire and edit their responses.

Data garden – Imports & Import mapping

  • Improved the mapping functionality when working with multiple import sources, so it is no longer necessary to refresh your screen when moving to another import source. You can now easily switch between sources and continue your work. 
  • Improved the warning messages for the user when activating or deactivating the mapping connections.
  • Improved import functionality for handling CSV files, to ensure only the specified delimiter is checked while processing the file. This prevents import errors when a semicolon separated file includes commas or vice versa. 
  • Added additional safety on importing data into the database while the creation of a new version is in progress. The import now gets postponed while versioning is in progress, which is also indicated in the logfiles. Once versioning is completed, the import automatically restarts within a few minutes. Also, when an import is being processed, it is not possible to create a new version of your questionnaire / database. A warning message is shown that the action is not possible at this moment and you can try again later once data processing is finished.

Data garden – Database

  • The data view is now able to show additional spaces behind or between values as well, where before these additional spaces were removed in the data view. Now the data view matches the actual value within the database.
  • The hyperlink to a questionnaire now also accepts adding pieces of code to specify background values or predefined answer options. By adding this, the specified columns in your project are automatically filled with a value of your choice when a questionnaire is filled out through this link. 

Data garden – API Key Management

  • It is now possible to save the JSON file of a dashboard within your API Key to connect to a dashboard. To use this option, switch the access level option from General to Dashboard. 

Dashboard – Look & Feel settings

  • The top bar of the dashboard is redesigned to contain the same information, but in a lot less space. Read more about it here. 
  • The opacity setting of the dashboard is applied again to the widgets. 
  • It is now possible to create and save a new color scheme from within a widget.
  • Tables are now also connected to the color schemes so they blend in with the other widget types.

Dashboard – Period settings

  • There are now two period settings to choose from: Smart periods and Manual periods. With smart periods, your data is easily grouped into predefined periods, such as week, month or year. The new option for Manual periods allows you to select a specific date range to report on, without taking any period grouping into consideration. Read more about this option here.
  • Provided a fix for the period setting field that in some cases reset itself to empty.

Dashboard – Filters

  • Improved upon the dashboard filters so it is now possible to set your filter on ‘Empty values’ or ‘Not empty values’.
  • Provided a fix for dashboard filters in edit mode, to ensure that previously selected items for Exclude values and pre-set values are visibly selected in the dropdown list and shown as tags above the option field.
  • Provided a fix so filters are able to handle values that contain (multiple) special characters as well.
  • Improved the setup wizard for account based filters. You are now able to import the user list, and you are able to group both the users and the dashboards widgets to minimize the amount of filters needed to setup. Both the widgets and the users can be sorted. The save option is now separated from the close button to be able to save your work in between. A ‘save’ prompt is given periodically to remind the user to save regularly. And a warning message is in place when closing, to ensure saving is not forgotten.

Dashboard – Export options

  • The export option of the data grid widget is improved to be able to export the entire data selection instead of current page only. The dashboard now prepares the export in the background and provides you with a download link in your notification centre which is available for 24 hours.
  • The export option on charts now also includes the Excel option. This option downloads the underlying values that the chart is based on, and downloads that to Excel.
  • The priority matrix download is now split between the chart and the open answers. When using the export option, the chart is downloaded in PDF and the open answers are downloaded in Excel. 

Dashboard – Infographics

  • Added the options for Month to Date and Year to Date calculations in infographic dynamic datapoints.
  • Added the option to use stroke colors in codes for custom infographics.
  • Added the option to use file links from the media library within codes for custom infographics.
  • Provided a fix so that the Minimum N to include in compare setting is properly applied within infographic dynamic datapoints.

Dashboard – Tables

  • Added a new option in charts so the user is able to connect a specific color to an answer category and to manually determine the order in which the categories are displayed. 
  • Provided a fix for tables and charts to handle empty values properly, so data is no longer displayed under an incorrect category.

Dashboard – Priority matrix

  • The matrix is now able to plot different calculation types properly, so it can be applied to different KPI types.
  • Improved the decimal setting so that it is properly applied to the main datapoint as well. 
  • Added the option to use the ‘Percentage of a value’ calculation within the priority matrix.
  • Improved upon the loading speed of the open answer view.
  • The open answer view is now filtered according to the period settings as well, in line with the presented calculations.

Dashboard – Publications

  • Provided a fix to prevent changes to the allowed period settings when making changes to the publication settings. The unintended connection between the two functionalities is removed.
  • Provided a fix where admin users were able to access unpublished dashboards in their experience app as well. Now the unpublished dashboards are only accessible through the Reporting part of the menu.
  • Provided a fix to the publication settings where it was not possible to select certain groups for publication. Now all groups are available for publication.

Dashboard – Miscellaneous

  • Improved upon the user settings for dashboards, to ensure that any changes made by users in the experience app are saved for that specific user only. 
  • Follow-up widget now directly loads the cards without having to use the ‘next’ arrow, even when it is only a single record. 
  • The conversation widget by default no longer shows test data in the results, so it is in line with all other widgets.
  • Provided a fix to the HTML widget, so that upon copying the widget the setting for ‘show in mobile view’ can be individually set for the original widget and the copied widget.
  • Provided a fix to the HTML widget, so that style definitions that are applied to the HTML code are confined to the widget only and do not affect other parts of the dashboard.

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