Release notes March 2021

This week an updated version of the CYS software was released. This update includes a variety of new features, improvements, and fixes. 

Portal management – User management

  • When adding a new user account, you can choose from all languages available. (1)

Projects - Schedulers

  • When using email invitations and a BCC email address, this is no longer visible for the recipient. (1)

Projects - Dynamic Rule Engine

  • The action Create text is now available for all list pages. (1)
  • Fixed the issue in which the DRE condition "IS ANY OF" did not allow for multiple selection of variables when using specific field types. (1)

Dashboard - Priority matrix

  • Quadrant labels now show the correct colours. (2)
  • Removed excess white space in priority matrix. (2)

Dashboard - Settings

  • Added the option to apply a weight to KPI calculations. (1)
  • Improved useability when editing the dropdown menu for dashboard tabs. (1)

Dashboard – Reporting widgets

  • Improved the compare periods in widgets. (2)
  • Improved the show value option in charts. (2)
  • Improved the resizing of certain widgets. (2)

(1) = Available for administrators only

(2) = Available for all users

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